Diet Coke and Mentos - Science on the Web #3

Everyone’s seen it – a fountain of erupting cola getting everywhere. 2 liter rockets flying fast and far. But what physical properties are going on here? You might just be surprised. Go behind the funny, behind the strange and behind the viral in this episode of Science on the Web.

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Diet Coke + Mentos

EPIC Mentos and Coke – The Slow Mo Guys

Classic mentos commercial

_Gardener_ – Diet Coke Advert – Director_s Cut

Macro test of carbonated water (bubbles) – Canon 5D Mark III

Diet Coke Mentos Rocket Gone Wild – Near Head shot … [HD]

Diet Coke and Mentos Human Experiment – OH Boy


how to open a coke 2 liter

Science of Mentos – Diet Coke explosions explained

Topo Chico Fizzy Lifting Drink

Water – Liquid Awesome_ Crash Course Biology #2

Major Kong Rides the Bomb

Prepare for a trip down the rabbit hole as Robert Lamb and Julie Douglas lead you on a scientific journey to the very limits of human understanding. “Stuff to Blow Your Mind” examines neurological quandaries, cosmic mysteries, evolutionary marvels and the technological underpinnings of our transhuman future.

Diet Coke and Mentos - Science on the Web #3 Diet Coke and Mentos - Science on the Web #3 Reviewed by ADM on junho 09, 2021 Rating: 5

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