Ozempic for Type 2 Diabetes

ype 2 diabetes overwhelmingly results from too much of the wrong type of food. The condition places the life in jeopardy for a variety of complications involving the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes and nerves. Type 2 diabetes increases the risk for a variety of cancers as well.

While our current medical treatments pay appropriate homage to diet and exercise, they rush to begin with a variety of progressively more unaffordable drugs not capable of significantly reducing the risk of important disease related preventable outcomes.

Instead of correcting miseating, habits advertisements abound for expensive drugs like Ozempic, a glucagon like peptide receptor agonist. Although it can mildly lower the glycosylated hemoglobin or so-called A1c, it does not approach the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise. In spite of claims of reduced cardiovascular risk, the advantages are illusory. And the drug may be associated with some worsening of diabetic eye disease or retinopathy.

Ozempic claims a minimal amount of weight loss associated with its use; but not sufficient to stanch the disease.

For a drug with a cash price of about $800 or $25+ a day one should expect more. Adding further insult, Ozempic merely represents an add-on drug. It must be combined with other expensive anti-diabetic drugs – none of which reverse the disease process.

Appropriate diet and exercise remain the best options with success equated with eliminating both disease and need for drug therapy.

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